LSU Players Reportedly Reinstated In Time For Alabama Game

The three LSU football players that were suspended for the LSU-Auburn game should be reinstated today which would enable them to be ready for the enormous 1. LSU vs. 2. Alabama matchup on November 5th. Tyrann Matthieu, Spencer Ware, and Tharold Simon, known by some as the “Synthetic Three”, were suspended because they had allegedly failed a drug test.

It turns out that they were busted for “spice”, or synthetic marijuana. The whole point of spice is to ensure that you pass any type of drug test. Unfortunately for the LSU players, they were caught but it doesn’t look like they’ll miss the big game against the Crimson Tide in 2 weeks.

LSU had no problems with Auburn as they blew out the defending champs by 35. However, seeing how big the Alabama game is, it comes to no one’s surprise that Matthieu (a Heisman candidate) and Ware (the team’s leading rusher) will be back in time to face Alabama.