Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Being Recruited for Lingerie Football League

What is a bit creepy about this is Paris is 13.

I think that is a little young for the Lingerie Football League to be sending out any documentation trying to get her interested in playing in booty shorts and halter tops.

TMZ has the details.

Michael Jackson’s 13-year-old football playing daughter is being recruited to be the face of an organization that swears it’s helping break down barriers for women … problem is, it’s the Lingerie Football League.

TMZ has learned .. the LFL took notice when Paris Jackson became the first female in her L.A. private school to join the flag football team earlier this month … and fired off a letter to the MJ Estate in the hopes PJ would be the spokesperson for the league’s “youth program.”

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, LFL Commissioner Mitchell S. Mortaza acknowledges a “lack of options for competitive female football” … and says the league will “be introducing youth clinics across the country to introduce the game of football to young ladies at an earlier stage in life.”

You can read the letter they sent to Paris here.

I like the Lingerie League for various reasons, but this was in poor taste, if they are still around when Paris in 18 fine, but until ease up on the R Kellying.

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  • Those 2 chicks in the pic can get it…

  • People really should visit Paris, it’s my favorite city in the world!

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