Michigan QB Denard Robinson’s Girlfriend Hacks His Twitter Account & Well….

First I had to make sure that it was indeed Denard’s account which after checking with a few people I have verified that it is.  With that being said If I was Denard I would publicly deny that it is my account, which is the best way to act like this never happened or just close the account completely.

The account is new, he has 27k followers, but it isn’t enough to really cause a ruckus if he pulls a Kobe and says that it isn’t him.

I am going to either assume his passwords are the same for everything or he gave his soon to be ex girlfriend the password and she decided to start preaching on his account.  Since then the tweets have been deleted and the page has been suspended.

On social media sites your password should always be complex and I would advise that you never give the password to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

I do find it slightly humorous that she seems surprised that he cheated on her (not saying it is true just her reaction).  He is a Heisman Candidate quarterback on one of the most well known football colleges in the country, don’t be so naive young lady.  Either get with the program, but please stop crying a river.

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  • If you know the PW it’s not hacking you simpleton…

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