Minnesota Vikings Considering San Antonio if no Agreement on Stadium Deal

The NFL is in London today for the Bears vs. Bucs match up.  Roger Goodell has mentioned London being a potential relocation option for the league.

The city of Los Angeles is hoping to build have an NFL franchise relocate to LA and play in the yet to be build Farmers Field.

One of the NFL franchises that could relocate; are the Minnesota Vikings and if they do leave Minnesota it may not be for London or the city of angels.

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

If the Vikings get rebuked again for a new stadium before the end of the year, it would be surprising if they stay in Minnesota. The team’s current attempt for a new venue is expected to be its last. It’s clear that the Vikings won’t be signing a lease extension at the Metrodome without a new stadium deal in place. Even if Los Angeles were not to work out for the Vikings, don’t discount the possibility of San Antonio – home of former Vikings owner Red McCombs – coming up with a sweetheart deal. It’s doubtful that McCombs, 84, who sold the Vikings to Zygi Wilf six years ago for $600 million while making a $450 million profit, would try to buy the team back. But he has clout in San Antonio and could become involved if there were an opportunity.

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