Official Police Report Showing Draya Michele Was Arrested For Child Endangerment


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I am straight shooter who doesn’t take sides or play favorites.

If I am wrong about something I will admit it.

At the end of the latest episode of Basketball Wives: LA, Laura Govan and others are digging for dirt on Draya.  Specially they are searching for evidence that she was arrested on Child Endangerment charges. If you currently Google “Draya Michele Police Report” BlackSportsOnline comes up pretty high.

If you recall Draya had been leaving her 7 year old son home alone in a filthy house with only TV dinners to eat all night while she was out stripping.

Draya has already lied once on the show about the arrest and I pointed that out (Video: BBWives Draya Michele Says Son Never Taken From Her..Police Say Otherwise). You can read how her son was left in a house that had dog poop and urine all over the floor, but lets get back to the topic at hand.

But as I looked at the comments on that article I notice a lot of people were questioning my credibility as if I would falsely accuse someone of a crime that they didn’t commit.

Hopefully this will end all that speculation right here and now.

Also you can download the PDF of the case here.

Now you can feel free to call your courthouse yourself, but how much more evidence do you need? As long as Draya has learned from this, I don’t care about her past.

The point is don’t lie.

As someone told me recently you have to tell a million lies to just cover up the first one.  It is much better to be upfront and honest especially when you have a bunch of 40 year old bitter husky jealous almost basketball wives after you.

Draya should heed that advice.

Nice naked picture though, that was leaked today.



83 thoughts on “Official Police Report Showing Draya Michele Was Arrested For Child Endangerment

  • This so called “document” looks fake as hell. One where would you of all people get a police report like this? Its not even a police report that piece of paper doesn’t prove anything. it looks like a resume template off of Microsoft word that ANYONE can get their hands on and put in what they want. This is bogus and you shouldn’t spread lies about someone because you got it from a so called “source”. Karma is a bitch and knows NO MERCY!

    • hey simpleton, try this: go to then search type “participant name” type in last name “howard” then first name “andraya” then for docket type pick “criminal” then see it for yourself. Then STFU with ur dumbass.

      • JP Simpleton. You STFU. If you read the report, she wasn’t even convicted for what they arrested her for. If and only IF she was guilty of whatever they arrested her for, not only would she not have her child, she would also be in jail. Child endangerment can be considered a felony or a petty crime. If she did leave her son unattended, that is enough to attain the petty crime vindication. If the environment is dangerous or unhealthy, she would have attained the felony. Clearly all she paid was a 2,000 fine, which is mostly court fees. Nine times out of ten, she left the child unattended. None of that other stuff poses to be true. People make mistakes. Read the report and stay off the blogs unless you know the justice system. Also she was picked up on another charge as well…which they dropped. You do the math. Smh people.

      • How about you google ANDRAYA HOWARD AND DRAYA MICHELE…then see who the dumbass is!!!

        I am not going to say STFU cause it’s right to free speach, but ignorance always prevails!!

        • All I addressed was Your argument that the document was fake and made up… WRONG… then you fail to see that her real name and her celebrity name are not going to be the same… using ur logic, would be saying the Rick Ross’ real name is Rick Ross… I never made any claim to be the legal expert that you obviously are, my degree is in business… You act like it’s your police report… try to smile… so bitter…


        why dont u check yourself idiot all those offenses were misdemeanors when she was a minor in high school for just not attending school (skipping) and attempting to purchase alcohol. DUMBDUMDUMDUMDUMBBBBB (energizer tune playing in background)

        • i no sum ppl will jst beleive anytyng its a damn shame cuz its so sad! the only 1 she has 2 answr 2 is the lord him sekf. n only he knows the real truth..

          • This obviously is a fake document; even if it’s real she was not even convicted. It’s a shame how people have to tear others down to lift themselves up.

      • First of all we have all done some really bad things in our lives but because we are not in the main stream TV, no one knows of it except family and friends. Secondly, she is 25 yrs old and still has alot to learn in life. Instead of the “SO CALLED” women placing baby-girl on the cross, they should have taken her under their wings to teach her. That would have been the womanly thing to do just like Malaysia did. I feel sorry for the women in this because as you can see no matter how much money you have while others are starving just to put food on the table they would rather not a child down to make up for their miserable lives. GROW UP LA NUTTS…be the parents you say you are and teach our children don’t tear them down.

        • Jackie had me so mad. With her undercover self. I truly believe she is sexually attracted to Draya. She speaks so negative toward Draya after she noticed she wasn’t at her wedding. But, when Draya met up with Malaysia. Draya said Jackie wanted me to dance at her wedding. Jackie, plz tell me why you wanted dancers at your wedding? But, you dnt want that mess around your husband. Hummmm. Oh, that’s cause u want more than what u are telling. Her life is getting bored and she wants to try something new (3some). But at the same time she trying to fight it by being mean. Gloria needs to stop. She should know how it feels to get picked on from Shaunie and her crew. Laura is no different from Draya… You would think that she would be the one who defends Draya. ()Imani

          • Continue- (Maybe misspelled) Imani is mad because Draya called out something that upset her. && Malaysia keeps it 100…. After all, ppl do make mistakes. Who are they to judge. If I’m not mistaken it is a sin to judge. And how they attacked her was mental abuse which is also a sin cause that would be called “witch craft”…. Which leads them to be called witches…. So Draya forgive them cause they really don’t know any better….

          • Annnnnnnd!!!!!! Draya has no point what so ever to prove to no one but her son at thee end of the day. And if Gloria, Laura the rest of them was so passionate about kids, they wouldn’t be soo busy trying to humiliate Draya on National television were Draya’s son would be able to see his mother crying and getting bullied… BBWs be for real.

          • i agree u right she sure aint remember shaq so that bitch need to shut the fuck up with her shrek looking ass they need to leave that girll alone she seems nice and yes she is very pretty and they need to stop hating on her she works for her money instead of stayin home waiting for pay checks from they retired ass basketball husband and gloria need to shut up to with her man beating and cheatin on her ass

          • i thnk that jackie jst wants 2 make a ass out of draya n jst make her seem like the hoe stripper she is n thats fukd up.. cuz that lil grl old enuf 2 b her child.. n i thnk she wants 2 make a ass out draya n its pitiful. That grl past is her bizness n who r they 2 judge her. they r old n bitter n i do thnk they r jealous of her.

          • AGREEDDD 100%!

        • so true sweetie! That poor grl i feel so sorry 4 her n ppl r so judgemental. I dnt thnk she is a bad person i jst htnk she has made sum bad decesions but we hav all playd a bad hand of card b4.

      • I just want to know what business is it of theirs? My uncle used to say, “if you take a real good look at yourself you will see others differently.” They are just trying to find something about her.

        • old fake ass bitches and i hope matt beats the shit outta gloria again cunt hore

          • I agree Gloria sure is bold but she wasn’t talking all that ish to the ladies on the other basketball wives and she gets on this show trying to act hard!

    • You can call the courthouse they will give you the info. Also the document is SCANNED. Obviously you have no clue what a police report looks like.

      • They will give you info on ANDRAYA HOWARD…LMAO!

        Do any of you know the real person name on basketball wives…DRAYA MICHELE…lordy!

      • Do you all know how wrong this is? Cases involving children are supposed to be sealed. For this information to get out, is on purpose. States have different laws, I know. No one should be able to call and just receive this. That is why I am not sure about it. It may be true, but who first put it out and why? Was someone out to get her, she took someone’s man so some hatefull girl looked it up and put it out? Was it created? This posted form does not say much. I have viewed several police reports on several cases, worked closely with police, and I have learned that anything can be faked. Also, anything can get out that was never supposed to. All it takes are smart hackers or just the right amount of money to buy that person’s morals. It says alot about the character of a person who continues to spread this and post it for all the world to see, forgeting there is a child involved. He will see this later on when he is older. This is probabaly already causing him problems in school with teasing and a host of other things. My son is 8, you would be suprised at what goes on at school these days. Think about what this is doing to him, and remove this. Nice to see you enjoy drama just as much as the rest of the world. Keep speading the news about Draya. I don’t see anything about what actually happened, or the condition of the home. Keep in mind. Parents have been arrested for child abuse and endangerment, when they just gave the child a spanking or couldn’t afford a babysitter. Because states consider it outlawed, a child can call the police on you at anytime and you will be arrested first and asked questions later. You have to really know the whole situation, before you can judge. Everyone who will easily fall for anything on the web and in the media will fall for just about anything. Do the right thing. Be above the nonsense, and delete this mess from this site. Think about the boy. WWJD

      • By the way, I was being sarcastic, when I said keep spreading the rumor about Draya. I just wanted to make that clear. Keep it up. I hope you are really enjoying this.(I know I have mispelled words and typos all over.No time for correction. I am sure you get it.)

    • Draya should not be penalized or judge for a mistake she made everyone makes mistakes no one if perfect. The girls basketball wives act as if they havent made any mistakes when they do so before you judge some one look at your chapter first. in life your going to make plenty of mistakes you live and learn from it okay so they need to get over themselves.

    • Honestly, I hate responding to this type of stuff but I was asked by a friend of mine to look at this report to determine whether it was fake or real… as they are avid viewers of this show. I informed my friend that all one had to do was go to the horses mouth — in this case the COURT — to determine the veracity of the document/story. Let me confirm this to everyone. Andraya Howard aka Draya Michelle was arrested under the charge of child endangerment and the case was transferred to another court for further determination. Draya COPPED a PLEA DEAL. It’s really that simple. She didn’t just pay a fine, or what not… her case is ACTIVE… And was afford the ability to attend a diversion program which is basically for first time offenders. She did have to pay a fine AND is on 24 MONTHS community service and counselling. SEE ACTUAL COURT DOCKET HERE:

      I absolutely do not agree with how the matter was handled and she DOES NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN A THING — but the facts are what they are… she made a mistake and hopefully, through the diversion (second chance) program she never makes the mistake again…



      • Ok what the fuck is the point to keep proving she has a case..? We don’t care..its better than about
        Abortion and I bet the man who prolly wrote this out even these stupid replies prolly had abortions out even gave a child up for adoption.. You prolly hot a child before cuz you guys sure heartless and cold.. Your bitter because of your mistakes in the closet that are beating you up…i just think its stupid.. The reason everybody cusses and use bad language is cuz we are upset that u guys are just malling her a topic she don’t give a damn what yall guys are just giving her fans and more support because real people recognize how she must feel and her son.its ridiculous really.. Soooo really keep taking your shhhhh..but just know you have Karma coming. Something might happen were you get mid judged and have to go to court… Shut up..ot might of happened soooo what.. If your not a single mother then really shut up… Cuz you don’t know how it is …I think all of you that have something negative to say, just remember God remembers how hard you cast a stone and he will judge you the same.. And those who blog out post things like this police report… Is jealous if you wasnt you wouldn’t of so called tried to put her on blast.. Okay your bitter and broke.. get over it. She got out the hood and you don’t know what shes been through.. Okay if you say she sleazy.. But who are you? Birds of a feather.flock together.. So if yall know everything about her then u must ne near what you call her.. This works is advance now do if your in your thirties talking mad negativity someone in 2011 we 20th century and 21st century ladies recognize whats going on. If you simply just don’t think someone is ish you won’t spend a time out effort trying to down talk them for others to see out of judgement off your findings and mouth and maybe facts of person.. Instead your on here taking hours our minutes research and filling out a submit comment that takes time and finding police reports.. Just to what???? You envy her.. Yeah you do …stop hating your body and your money and step it up.. What she look like getting back to a has been..

        • Sorry for all the mistakes

    • Yea. I understand what you mean. I could go on Microsoft and make a fake document. Or in other words, a police report. I like Draya and the fact that the media industry is picking on her is unbearable. I hate it. Its not nice and she cant even really defend herself.Hit me on Facebook at Jennah Love Lucas.

      Jennah Love Lucas….

  • who really cares? Im pretty sure all those women have some kind of past that they want to cover up. All of them have issues.

  • The women on this show seem so unhappy….like once you snag a basketball player, a majority of your time is spent miserably blocking groupies and potential side chicks AND trying to fit in with the other “wives” – that sucks. Proof that money doesn’t buy happiness. Draya is young…people make mistakes, I’m sure they all have things that they don’t want to come out

    • i agree 100%, who cares!!! how about the other women spend more time trying to be a basketball wife, bc most are baby mommas or even an old girlfriend. and to laura your a washed up slut of shaqs & laura put more time in with your mom instead of goggleing andreya!!! ya all a bunch of old hens , who hate women like dreya!!wait till ya dirt get dug up.. haha lmao

      • They need to leave Draya alone bc she is like any other single black mother who struggles so they need to get off her back…. the other basketball wives might have been born with a silver spoon but she had to do what she had to do to make it threw……Im pretty sure she and her son is good now…. The rest of the m skank hoes just mad because they aint got a body like Draya and they can strip so to Jackie Imani Laura(fat a**) and Gloria stop hating because in Draya eyes Yall Are some None Muthafucking Factors- Love Ya Tami and Evelyn..

  • Personally, who cares? She is young and I can recall being 25 and doing some silly mess. I think some of these girls are jealous of her. She is very pretty(not the brightest crayon in the box)and seems like a sweet girl that likes to have fun. I think all of those chicks are just looking for someone not to like. I hope this is the first and last season for them becuase they all have issues and need help. Leave the damn girl alone before we all jump on Laura… There is a million and one things about her out there so people in glass houses should not throw stones.

  • I agree that when you are young you make mistakes and I think that some of the women on the show are quick to judge especially Laura ( who if I can recall has some ugly dirt also). To Draya, you owe non of these women anything. They don’t pay your bills and don’t put food in your mouth!

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