Patriots Eric Kettani Ordered Back To Navy For War Assignment

I’m pretty sure Patriots running back Eric Kettani was fulfilling his dream of playing in the National Football League. But when you make a commitment and duty calls you have to go. This morning, Kettani, who spent two years on the Navy reserve list, returned to his Navy ship in Jacksonville after he was ordered to return. The Boston Herald has the detail:

Agent Ed Brown of Jacqmar Sports tells me that Kettani will be returning to his Navy ship in Jacksonville [Friday] morning. The Navy says it’s a time of war, though Kettani had appealed and requested leave for the past two weeks.

That request has been denied, Brown said.

In the Navy’s official letter denying his request, it writes:

“As our nation is at war, it is important to ensure we maintain our commitment to the nation’s defense. As such, a release from active duty would be inconsistent with that effort.

I appreciate your Patriotism and service to our nation and encourage you to pursue your goal to play professional football after completion of your service in the Navy.”

I know this is a little tough for Eric to leave the Patriots. It’s probably every little boy’s dream to play in the NFL. But he has to be a Patriot for real and serve his country and I know that’s an honor for him.

Last night Eric tweeted: “God Bless America!”

I hope Eric has a safe tour.

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  • We really need to put an end to all of these wars

  • I usually do this for my devil-dog brothers, but to see this young lad put his dream aside to serve this great country, oohrah, and come home.

  • Great contest. People are definitely missing out if they dont take your class!!!

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