Video: Packers AJ Hawk Gets a Sack, Celebrates By Giving You the Finger


Honestly there is no reason for the Packers to be so salty.

They are embarrassing the Rams, so no need to go all Andrew Dice Clay. Especially AJ Hawk who is an average player who people think is better because he is surrounded by great players.

Relax AJ, have a Capri Sun and go wash your hair or something.

h/t @DanLong1298


  1. Ok, that wasn’t right, BUT he was clearly pointing to some fans who were probably talking mad shit to him right before that. Probably said something along the lines of what you just did ;). Still, not right, but I know I couldn’t contain myself, either, with the way that I’ve heard some people talk to players.

  2. Get your facts straight. He was doing it towards his OWN bench. It was a bet of sorts between him and his fellow teammates.

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