Photo: Texans Coach Gary Kubiak Attends Mike Heimerdinger’s Funeral

Football is such an emotional sport that at times, things get out of hands. We frequently see fights in the stands and also fights between players. Also, Sunday’s Schwartz-Harbaugh skirmish goes to show that even head coaches can let emotions get the best of them.

Fortunately, we do have at least one feel-good story. After passing away in late September this year, former Titans/Broncos offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger was recently honored at his funeral by many of his NFL colleagues such as close friend Mike Shanahan and also Jeff Fisher.

However, one guy I did not expect to see was Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak. The Titans and Texans are fierce rivals and last year’s Cortland Finnegan-Andre Johnson fight was a microcosm of this rivalry. This year, the Titans and the Texans are battling for the AFC South crown as the Jaguars and Colts have combined for one win. After a loss to the Ravens this past week, the Texans will travel to Nashville to take on the Titans in what should be a huge game for both franchises.

Neither of these teams like each other — but Kubiak and his wife flying to Tennessee to attend Heimerdinger’s funeral is a very classy move. This demonstrates that while football is an intense sport, everything should be left on the field. Life goes on.

RIP Mike Heimerdinger (1952-2011)

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