Photo: Tim Tebow Shares A Kiss With WR Demaryius Thomas


Does this violate Tebow’s religion?

There are so many religions I lose track which ones are cool with kissing the same sex and which ones frown upon it. Possibly just a weird camera angle or Thomas got to close for comfort, either way it definitely wasn’t a Kevin and Winnie moment (Wonder Years reference).

Yesterday’s game proved everything that is great and horrible about Tim Tebow.

For 55 minutes it didn’t appear he was fit to play in the XFL much less the NFL, but those last five minutes proved why everyone is interested in the Starter God.

I am curious to see what happens as the season progresses and Tebow plays better teams. If he continues to figure out ways to win, I don’t care about his stats or kissing teammates he deserves the job point blank.

Say what you want about Tebow, but he isn’t boring and that maybe his most valuable trait.


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