Pics: Basketball Wives Draya Michele Gets Lap Dance From Dallas Strippers



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I am not going to lie, once you have established yourself in the online media world it is a pretty good job to have.  You are you own boss, you are making a decent living, you aren’t stuck in a stuff office, you are free to do what you please, travel at your leisure and in my case with sports you get to meet people and cover events free of charge.

The thing is it is hard to get established, similar to a Reality TV star.  When you go on a reality show one or two things can happen, you have your 15 minutes of fame and you fade away or you gain a true following and flip that 15 minutes into something that is tangible and keep your pockets flowing with cash.

None of the Basketball Wives LA ladies truly have that  ability besides Draya and she is making the most of it while she can. Club appearances are easy Straight Cash Homie.

Good for her, if you are going to take the heat for being in the spotlight do something with it.  Doesn’t matter what people think as long as you are still profiting off their opinions.

Just ask Kim Kardashian.

It is good that Draya is giving back to the stripper community she was once a part of, but I thought they had better look strippers in Dallas?

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