Pics: Cam Newton Dating Ciara? That’s False His Girlfriend is Natalian Carr



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Cameron Newton is a now a star Quarterback in the NFL.

I am sure he has his choice of young ladies and who knows maybe he did smash Ciara, maybe he didn’t, but the reports of them dating are totally false.

Don’t believe everything that you read.  The closest thing that Cameron has to a girlfriend is Natalian Carr.

She is the college sweetheart and from all accounts is still in the picture as of today. That can change at any moment, but normally the athletes like to keep a main young lady around who they know was down for them before all the money and the fame.

Ciara is probably elated with the rumor, how else would she be able to stay in the news.


  1. Look I don’t see the big deal about who he chooses to date. They took him off talksports cause the chicks on there was telling the truth about seeing him with a curly hair white chick I mean he gonna cheat and he is gonna be with other chicks no matter what so I don’t see the reason for this post. Miss carr needs to stop posting pics of her azz and tighten up her game cause cam is gonna test the waters. She needs to stop being insecure and also if he like this now and she marry’s him well later?

  2. Ciara is so lame. She’s desperately trying to stay relevant. She hires her own paps, pays to be seen with the Kardashians, Serena, Lala and is desperately trying to hook up with a baller but still no one cares. I hope Cam is still with his high school sweetheart. I really pray and hope that he doesn’t end up with a white girl, I really do.

    P.S. Thanks so much for this blog, Robert! I really enjoy it.

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