Pics: Cam Newton Dating Ciara? That’s False His Girlfriend is Natalian Carr


Cameron Newton is a now a star Quarterback in the NFL.

I am sure he has his choice of young ladies and who knows maybe he did smash Ciara, maybe he didn’t, but the reports of them dating are totally false.

Don’t believe everything that you read.  The closest thing that Cameron has to a girlfriend is Natalian Carr.

She is the college sweetheart and from all accounts is still in the picture as of today. That can change at any moment, but normally the athletes like to keep a main young lady around who they know was down for them before all the money and the fame.

Ciara is probably elated with the rumor, how else would she be able to stay in the news.


  1. You are such a hater. Stop being so negative about the girl. She stay in the news because of people like you. That’s all you had to say was that they are not dating. You stay talking trash about her. Did she turn you down or something.

    • lmao @lia, i was thinking the same..i think ciara pay him no mind so he decided to hate on her and post this fake blog. This is the only site stating ciara and newton aint dating. aint that some shii?..pls bring something better than this! thank you

      • Probably because I am more interested in the truth than just a headline to get views. They aren’t dating and for the record I have met Ciara several times have you?

  2. Ciara and her long cigarette looking toes was first smashin fiddy and then shes with amare dag thats ill when you become more known for the stars u smashin instead of the work she once did

    • Amar’e is a dog the girl could do better. 50 said himself that Ciara was a good girl and wasn’t down with that sh!t. people talk all the time where’s the proof of her and 50 doing anything other than the Video and Ciara with him alone with others celebs at a party 50 host.

  3. Oh please Ciara has been put with guys profile must higher then Cam Newton own this doesn’t elated her no more than the others rumors. Cam is a handsome brother an come from a strong family background more of the ideal guy for Ciara. both have strong family background i can see this working. but you probably rite they’re not dating. for some reason celebs from the ATL are close to each others maybe good friends who knows.

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