Pics: Gilbert Arenas Dressed Up as Gay Cop

Listen if Gilbert and his almost Basketball Wife Laura Govan like to role play, more power to them. Just understand the NBA is lockout and the season is in serious jeopardy.

Public perception is very important when dealing with leverage and negotiations. While other NBA players are fighting it out with David Stern, seeing Arenas who hasn’t lived up to his guaranteed contract prancing around in Halloween outfits isn’t the best of looks.

Stiletto Jill has the details.

Gilbert Arenas seems like he might be a fun guy to be around. But in the middle of CBA negotiations, is that the best time to have your fiance twitpic you in a tiny cop uniform? Especially considering you were in pimp costume a few days before. That’s got to be on purpose right?

The last CBA (2005) agreement gave birth to the “Allan Houston Clause.” Basically teams where given the chance to wipe a contract (correct a management overpay most likely) from their payroll. That also meant saving on the dollar-per-dollar Luxury tax. If there’s another amnesty clause in this deal, I’m calling it “The Gilbert Arenas” clause.

I have no problem with the attention whoring, but could you save it until after a new CBA is done? I would not be shocked if the Owners show this picture as a reason why they should try to break the players. I don’t like when Owners lockout players, but considering by the time Arenas’ career is done he will have made over $100 million and underachieved greatly I can see why they want to change the existing model.

To be clear I am not blaming Arenas, if they wanted to hand him all that money, I would take it too, but think about the players coming after you that might not be as fortunate thanks to your activities.

7 thoughts on “Pics: Gilbert Arenas Dressed Up as Gay Cop

  • Yup, Laura will show this to the judge at the custody hearing (just a matter of time).

    Gilbert needs to be sending out pics of wife, not falling for this nonsense.

  • Wonder WHAT Village People song he was thinking of During THAT Pose…

  • There is no such thing as a gay cop uniform. Straight or gay cop wear the same uniforms, what this clown is wearing is a [email protected]#$ing costume.

    • Have you ever seen a MTA Police officer?

  • IF & WHEN the season begins and Arenas comes out playin for the magic either out of shape or on the my knee is still messed up BS heads will roll! The GM Otis smith tried to appease Dwight by trading Rashard Lewis and that horrible contract for another horrible contract BUT ONLY because Otis Smith, Richardson & Arenas were all under 1 roof back in the GS warrior era so GM smith outs his neck on the line for his boy……In addition the Magic are capped out with Arenas hefty contract limiting the resources Dwight would want & need to resign in Orlando… In addition to that can someone explain why Orlando drafted a SG in last years draft? AS if Redick, Nelson, the SG rookie from Kentucky, and they want to re-sign Richardson oh did I forget Arenas in the mix too despite being a 19 million benchwarmer! If and when Dwight leaves GM smith will definetley be gone for gambling the franchise on a horrible trade on this fool that instead of rehabbing that knee and getting ready hes up to dumb s*it like this, and the plank pics over the summer and all the drama affilaited with his dizzy baby mama….. In addition to GM Smith getting the axe plus Van Gundy and of course Dwight leaving and alot hinges on Arenas and his hefty contract… So going into a major make or break season for the Orlando Magic all we hear is B.S. about dude so now that I illustrated the big pic how so much hinges upon dude, the team, the coach, management and even this corny lil city called Orlando and dudes on his own program…..good riddens!

  • Let her be great

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