Pics: Rihanna Hooks Back Up With Ex-Boyfriend Dodgers Matt Kemp in London



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It is hard to explain Rihanna’s “powers” over men unless you have met her in person.

I was fortunate enough to do that once in a casual setting, so I clearly understand.

When Kemp was publicly dating Rihanna his numbers went into the tank, she has that “cooler” effect on men, but when he stopped “publicly” seeing her, he put together a MVP like season.

That isn’t a coincidence.

Season is over, so it is cool for him to be spotted with her, but when Spring Training starts he needs to go back underground with it.

Drake, Royce the 5’9″, Breezy, the Breezy look a like and about 70 other dudes don’t approve this post.


  1. My numbers would drop too if my Lady couldn’t keep her clothes on as well….

    Pregnancy and kids will knock that love fest out of the park…… Always does…

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