Pics: Steve Nash & His Youngin Girlfriend Brittany Richardson at GQ Gentleman’s Ball



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Steve Nash worried about a lockout?

I don’t think so.

He is getting lap dances from Nicki Minaj, chilling on stage with Nas and selling $500 suits, I think Nash is doing just fine.  Speaking of fine he isn’t doing too bad in the girlfriend department either.

Here he is booed up with his 22 year old girlfriend Brittany Richardson at the GQ Gentleman’s Ball.

I am not mad at you Steve, I AM NOT MAD AT YOU….

Pimp on Pimpin. Check out the video of them at the NBA Finals this summer.


  1. Steve Nash, you are the poster child for self-absorbed midlife crises. You are nobody’s role model. Anybody who would cheat on his pregnant wife with a girl half his age has no integrity. Go back to Canada and take that money-grubbing skank with you.

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