Plaxico Burress on Buffalo Bills: “They’ve Got Good Wings”

Truth be told Plaxico has been the most complete wide receiver so far for the Jets.  That isn’t necessarily a good thing considering the money that was paid to Santonio Holmes, but Plax has definitely come out of prison with a bit of “edge” to his game that he didn’t have before.

The Jets are in a bit of free fall and when asked about the success of Bills he had an interesting answer.

The Jets have built themselves a hole in the AFC East.

Not only do they trail the Patriots by two games, they are also looking up at the 4-1 Bills. That isn’t foremost on the Jets’ minds at this point.

“I can’t worry about [Buffalo],” Derrick Mason told Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports.

They’ve got good wings,” Plaxico Burress helpfully added.

Even though they are called “Buffalo” Wings, how many people have actually tried the wings in Buffalo?

Things that make you say hmmmmmmmmmm.