Possible NFL Trades That Could Happen Before October 18th Deadline

Personally, I think that the MLB Trade Deadline has always been the most exciting and chaotic in all of sports. However, things might heat up on the trade front in the NFL this year. In today’s NFL we are seeing parity all across the league. Anyone can beat anyone — on any given Sunday.

“On Any Given Sunday”

That explains how the Titans can manhandle a contender like the Ravens and still lose to the Jaguars.

…. And how a strong Bucs team can walk into San Francisco on a 3-game winning streak and get clobbered by 45 points at the hands of the 49ers — who, to be fair, are actually having a good season.

Needless to say, many teams feel like they have a chance. Already, we’ve seen the Texans acquire veteran receiver Derrick Mason from the Jets and the Raiders also recently acquired former 1st rounder Aaron Curry from Seattle.

Here are some moves that could be made before the October 18th deadline next week:

Carson Palmer to the Seahawks

With every win Andy Dalton engineers, Bengals owner Mike Brown realizes just how expendable Carson Palmer is. Cincy already parted with Chad Ochocinco and with former USC Coach Pete Carroll in Seattle, the Bengals may have the perfect trading partner for Palmer. The Seahawks play in a winnable division and if they’re not going to “Suck For Luck”, they might as well make a run for it.

Kyle Orton on the move, possibly to Miami

The Dolphins still need a QB and after being turned down by Trent Edwards and David Garrard, Miami could go for Kyle Orton who’s all of a sudden behind Tebow on Denver’s depth chart. If a deal does go down, an almost immediate matchup would ensue — with Tebow’s Broncos traveling to Miami to take on Orton’s Dolphins on October 23.

Eagles Get Help at Linebacker

Heading into the season, the Eagles knew that the LB crew was the weak link of the defense. With 3 top-flight corners on the roster, the Eagles could make a deal and send one of them in return for a sure tackler. The odd man out might be Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie who has played sparingly.

Titans Get Aerial Help

No, the Titans won’t bring back Randy Moss (I’m 99.99 percent sure). However, after losing Kenny Britt for the year, the Titans might want to add a reciever seeing that the division is wide-open this year — think Denver’s Brandon Lloyd or maybe Terrell Owens. Lloyd seems like a more logical choice because he’s in the final year of his contract and Denver seems unwilling to re-sign him. They could possibly get a 3rd rounder for him.

Lions Get Defensive Help, Possibly at Safety

The Lions secondary has a glaring hole, and it’s at strong safety. While Louis Delmas has turned out great for the Lions, a proven strong safety alongside him would make the Lions that much more of a threat. This team is a contender and are challenging the defending Super Bowl Champion Packers for number one in that division. A trade would show that the Lions mean business.

Texans Find Temporary Replacement for Mario Williams

Simply put, there’s no substitute for Mario Williams. He’s one of the best pass-rushers in the game and without him, the Texans defense becomes a lot less dangerous. Look for Houston to somehow find a way to fill in this spot. The Texans travel to Baltimore then afterwards to Nashville for a divisional game so they’ll be tested immediately.

The NFL trading deadline is next week, so we’ll see which teams make a move and which ones stay idle.

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