Raiders Considered Trading for Vince Young

Mr. Dream Team was almost in the Silver and Black?

Even though Young’s only pass with the Eagles was an interception, I wonder if he would have been a better option for the Raiders at probably a cheaper price. While I think about that, Pro Football Talk has the details.

When they lost quarterback Jason Campbell on Sunday, the Raiders started looking into veteran quarterbacks they could acquire. And Carson Palmer wasn’t the only one they considered.

The Raiders’ fallback plan if they hadn’t been able to trade for Palmer? Vince Young, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

It’s not clear whether the Raiders and Eagles ever had any actual trade talks for Young. It may just be that the Raiders talked internally about acquiring Young but never went far with it because the trade with the Bengals for Palmer worked out.

Ok, I thought about and even though I think Raiders gave up way too much for Palmer and I think Palmer’s skills are diminished at least I know his head is screwed on straight.

I can’t say the same about Vince Young.

While Young maybe younger with more athletic skills, if I had my choice all things being equal I would choose Palmer.  The one trait I need out of my quarterback is mental stability, that is something Young simply doesn’t have.

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  • I definitely think Palmer was the better choice

  • That would have been a perfect fit for Vince Young.

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