Rob Ryan Says Miles Austin and Dez Bryant Better than Calvin Johnson

I know what Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan is doing.  He is trying to get his secondary not to be intimated by Calvin Johnson.  What he is saying isn’t based in reality, but I understand.

Pro Football Talk has the details.

Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan isn’t losing any sleep preparing to face Lions receiver Calvin Johnson on Sunday, because Ryan says his defense practices against better receivers than Johnson every day.

“We work against better receivers with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant,” Ryan told the Dallas Morning News.

Here is the thing about Dez Bryant, he is physically gifted, but he can’t even be called one of the top 20 wide receivers in the league, because he hasn’t even showed it on the field.  You can have all the talent in the world, but until you can stay healthy and put up consistent numbers what good are you doing your team? I hate when players get labels before they earned it.

Miles Austin is a good receiver and has some numbers to back it up, but hook Rob Ryan up to a lie detector and ask him who he would rather have Austin or Megatron.

I think we know the answer.

3 thoughts on “Rob Ryan Says Miles Austin and Dez Bryant Better than Calvin Johnson

  • Totally AGREE with everything you stated (Real)

    And I’ll take Megatron 1st over ANY WR in the game… ANY WR !!!

  • Just like his brother, he’s a loud mouth. About Dez, i don’t think that anybody has any power over staying healthy. Injuries happen, some people are lucky that they don’t get injured, some are injury prone, i don’t think that there are anything they can do about it.

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