Robert Littal & @BeccaSTAR_702 World Series Challenge (Becca Pics, Bets & Squirrels)


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Even though I am from Saint Louis, I don’t have any affiliations with the Saint Louis teams. I look at things from an unbiased perspective.

One thing I do believe strongly in though are the Sports Gods.

The Cardinals should not be in the World Series. It took a miracle run and collapse by the Braves to get in the playoffs. Then it took one of the greatest pitched games ever by Cris Carpenter on the road to beat the “dream team” no not the Eagles, but the Phillies.

Then once again on the road against their arch enemies Milwaukee Brewers they out Beasted the Beast Squad. Now here comes the Rangers, managed by Uncle Ron Washington (shout out to Jemele Hill) who will be favored again to take out this Cardinals squad.
I was discussing this with my good from Becca (@BeccaSTAR_702) from the entertainment and sports blog   (the story on who you would rather have Brady or Rodgers is a good read) who promptly told me I was out of my mind and the Rangers were the clearly superior team and the whole Baseball Gods thing sounded like something Skip Bayless would say.

Of course I was offended by that. Becca (@BeccaSTAR_702) who as you can see above is a very beautiful young lady, but is very knowledgeable about sports and passionate about her Texas teams (I would make a Tony Romo joke but I don’t want to get stabbed), but to truly match wits with the BonaFide Sports Expert she was biting off a little more than she can chew.

So after consulting with the Rally Squirrel we entered into a friendly wager that will be revealed once the winner is determined.

Becca (@BeccaSTAR_702) from Starberry and Ice Cream (love that name, visit the site it will be worth your while) has the Rangers in 5.

Ya Boy Robert Littal has the Cardinals in 6.

If I lose (I won’t) you will find out how I will be humiliated.

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