Ronnie Brown Trade Voided Because Doctors Found Brain Tumor in Jerome Harrison

This is an amazing story.

Ronnie Brown was traded to Detroit Lions for a 7th round pick and running back Jerome Harrison.  Yesterday the trade was voided because Harrison failed a physical.

Considering that Harrison hadn’t been on the injury report, people were curious what caused him to fail his physical.

Now we know.

As Philadelphia Eagles doctors were giving newly acquired running back Jerome Harrison his physical, they discovered a brain tumor that nullified a trade with the Detroit Lions, according to two league sources.

The trade might have might have actually saved Harrison’s life, the sources said. Without the deal being made, Harrison would not have undergone a physical. The tumor is now being treated, according to sources.

This is per ESPN.

Without the trade the tumor may have never been found until it was too late.  Hopefully now that it has been detected doctors will be able to treat it and Harrison will be fine.

Crazy how things work out sometimes.