Roy Jones Jr to Fight Max Alexander December 10th in Atlanta, GA

Either Roy is really hard up for money or he truly believes he has the skills, either way this is getting harder and harder to watch.  My fear is that if Roy keeps fighter when he won’t be able to enjoy old age because of the cumulative beatings he has taken in the last year.

What is crazy is that for almost a decade no one could even touch Roy, but he has suffered massive KO after massive KO to the point people fear for his life every time he steps in the ring.

The guy he is fighting is a bum and it is sad that I actually give him a chance against Roy if he hasn’t been paid to take a dive.

Sometimes its best to just hang up the boxing gloves and walk away, but clearly someone forget to mention that to former four-time champion Roy Jones Jr. Jones (54-8 40 KOs) is scheduled to square off against fellow cruiserweight Max Alexander (14-5-1 2 KOs) on December 10th. Here are some details per

Jones attempts to end a three-fight skid as he performs in Atlanta for the first time in his legendary career. The Pensacola (FL) native has fought throughout the Southeast, but never in the Peachtree State.

His last ring appearance ended in disaster, landing on the wrong end of a highlight reel 10th round knockout at the hands of top cruiserweight contender Denis Lebedev this past May in Moscow. The surprisingly competitive bout took a terrible turn for the worst when Jones was nailed with an overhand right that left him frozen. Lebedev paused and turned towards referee Steve Smoger in hopes of stopping the fight, before landing one more right hand that put Jones down face first.

The only thing left to say……………

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  • Robert,

    Im emailing to know if you believe this fight will happen here in Atlanta. Some of us are excited to see Roy fight or get knocked out. Do you know who is holding the tix for this match? Are there any undercard bouts? Get back if you can at your convenience. Thanks.

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