Sergio Martinez Says Fight With Floyd Mayweather Will Be Finalized in Few Weeks

I wouldn’t have given this any credence if not for it coming straight out of Martinez’s mouth.

With that being said, this is boxing, don’t believe anything until a contract is signed and the 24/7 cameras have captured 50 Cent and Money Mayweather expressing their man love for each other.

Here is what Martinez had to say.

During an audio interview with Spanish media outlet Cadena SER, the middleweight champion made very specific comments regarding the speculated Mayweather fight.

(Radio Host) : Well Sergio we’re going to be waiting on the negotiations for… for… this guy I can’t remember his name.

(Co-host chimes in): Mayweather.

(Sergio Martinez): All you have to do is wait a few weeks and I’m sure… I’m sure that it’ll happen, I’m sure of it. In 2012 it happens.

Martinez wants a big fight and he is the consensus #3 pound for pound boxer in the world. I think he is trying to egg Mayweather on, but what everyone should know by now is that Mayweather doesn’t respond well to peer pressure.

If we can’t get a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, Mayweather vs. Martinez would be the 2nd biggest fight out there, just don’t know if Mayweather would take the risk when he can make $50 million fighting Amir Khan.

I doubt anything will happen within two weeks, but we will keep an eye on it.

3 thoughts on “Sergio Martinez Says Fight With Floyd Mayweather Will Be Finalized in Few Weeks

  • Mayweather is holding all the cards….Sergio better hope he takes the bait…we’ll see…..

  • floyd if you fight sergio have think will. if you fight martinez he will knock you about fighting jmm again so that you will not lose or got knockout. be carefull floyd mayweather.but if you have guts to fight him its ok.we will not buy a ppv.dont get boring pls.bcos a lot of people said that you are a boring fighter..

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