Skip Bayless Has a Twitter Meltdown After Oklahoma Loss

One of the most annoying type of individuals on the planet and Middle Earth, is the guy or girl who just can’t admit they were wrong.  I have no problem saying I was wrong.

I said that Cameron Newton shouldn’t start to at least Week 6 because he wouldn’t be ready.  I was dead wrong about that.

Skip Bayless never ever admits when he is wrong, he just blames others.  Skip has been on the Oklahoma Sooners bandwagon hard this year, so when they lost to the Texas Tech last night, he had a temper tantrum blaming Bob Stoops.

Bob Stoops record as a head coach is 135–31 with 1 National Championship and 7 Big 12 Championships. Oklahoma was awful before he arrived and almost every year since he has been there they have been in National Championship contention and Skip wants him to be fired?

This is the guy you listen to about sports?

Not to mention he is deathly afraid to debate him on 1st and 10. He rather debate rappers and fringe movie stars as oppose to someone who will expose him.

Tweet @ESPN_firsttake to have Skip take on a real challenge.

7 thoughts on “Skip Bayless Has a Twitter Meltdown After Oklahoma Loss

  • Him along with that guy whose name I don’t care to know on Sportsnation are the two worst analysts on the ESPN staff. It appears that Skip’s 12 year old daughter tweeted for him.

  • That’s just sad

  • ESPN, FIRE Bayless! Oklahoma’s not in Bama or LSU’s league. Not even close.

  • didnt he somewhat concede the fact he was wrong by saying “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”…also conveniently you mentioned stoops impressive overall record ,but left out that hes 4 wins to 5 losses in bcs bowl games of any importance,hence thenickname “BIG GAME BOOB …oklahoma has won 43 conference championships since 1915 and 7NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS….btw thats a conference championship every other year since the birth of the program,same as stoops has averaged….so i dont get any of youoriginal points…youve jus been shredded

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