Tony Sparano To Ref: “I Might Be Getting Fired”

I tuned in to the Dolphins-Broncos game briefly late in the 4th quarter just to see Broncos’ QB Tim Tebow get sacked on third down with his team losing by fifteen. I automatically assumed that was the game so I turned the TV off.

An hour later, I get a text from a friend that goes like this, “Tim Tebow and the Broncos score 18 unanswered points late to defeat the Dolphins in overtime 18-15.”

My reaction ….

My initial thoughts were 1). Tim Tebow must have worked a miracle. 2). The Dolphins are on the right track for Andrew Luck 3). Coach Tony Sparano might be fired immediately — and before Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio.

Apparently, Dolphins Coach Tony Sparano could see his job slipping away from him as his team fell apart late in the fourth quarter on Sunday. After Denver scored a late touchdown, Sparano called a timeout and urged the referees to take a look at the play again.

“If I don’t call a timeout, I’m (sunk) and now I’m getting fired, OK?” he screamed while pointing toward the team owner’s skybox.

The desperation in Sparano’s demeanor was understandable, but his plea for sympathy—captured by a CBS Miami camera—went unheeded. The touchdown was upheld on review, accelerating the Broncos’ astounding comeback for an 18-15 overtime victory Sunday.

I personally don’t think Sparano is losing on purpose for Andrew Luck because even if the Dolphins land him, Sparano won’t be there to coach him. At this point, Tony Sparano and the whole entire Dolphins organization are desperate for a win or any signs of hope. But for the current coach of the Dolphins, he may find hope somewhere away far from Miami.