Troy Polamalu Fined $10k For Calling His Wife From Sidelines

When I heard that Polamalu was on his BlackBerry during the game, I figured he would get fined because that seemed a bit odd and I knew rules about phones on the sidelines.  Once I found out the exact reason why he was making the call it makes me wonder what in the blue hell is wrong with the NFL.

The Sports Grid breaks it down.

Last weekend, during his team’s 17-13 win over the Jaguars, star Steelers safety Troy Polamalu suffered a concussion. As concussions go, it wasn’t the worst – Polamalu will play this week – but it was still a concussion, and as ESPN’s Jamison Hensley said, Polamalu’s “history with concussions dates back to high school.” It makes sense, then, that Polamalu’s wife might be worried about him sustaining a head injury – and in the immediate aftermath, Polamalu called her to let her know he was okay.

That doesn’t deserve a fine regardless of what the rule says.  If the NFL won’t fine coaches for acting like John Cena and CM Punk I don’t think they should fine a player for letting someone in his family he is ok.

Use some common sense.

One thought on “Troy Polamalu Fined $10k For Calling His Wife From Sidelines

  • It wasn’t his phone he borrowed a phone from one of the trainers look it up on yahoo. Besides if Polamalu is going to get fined even though he should not have been then that trainer should be also for having his phone on the sideline to begin with, whose he making calls to?

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