USA Loses Friendly and World Cup 2014/Euro 2012 Qualifying Update

Klinsmann suffered his third defeat as USA coach as Substitute Jaime Ayovi came off the bench to give Ecuador a 1-0 win over the United States at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.  USA fans shouldn’t worry since World Cup qualifying doesn’t begin until summer of 2012, so Klinsmann has plenty of time to get the roster up to his standard.

Elsewhere, Ronaldinho and Marcelo scored as 10-man Brazil came from a goal down to defeat Mexico 2-1.

Honduras beat Jamaica 2-1 in the other friendly as Mario Martinez scored the second-half decider.

CONMEBOL region better known as the South America teams have begun 2012 World Cup Qualifying.  The biggest surprise of the matches so far why Venezuela defeating tradition power Argentina 1-0, Venezuela strong play in 2011 Copa America and this result shows that there is parity from top to bottom in the region and there won’t be any easy results.

Bolivia 1-2 Colombia
Chile 4-2 Peru
Paraguay 1-1 Uruguay
Venezuela 1-0 Argentina

CONCACAF region which comprise of nations from North & Central America and the Caribbean, are four games into the second round of qualifying.  Panama is the first team to book their place in the third round, defeating Nicaragua 5-1, and despite a disappointing 0-0 draw at home vs. Puerto Rico, Canada only needs to tie St. Kitts & Nevis to join Panama in a group including Honduras and Cuba.  El Salvador and Guatemala are all but in the next phase, each need a tie from clinching a spot into the third round.

Group favorites Trinidad & Tobago and Haiti are in danger of not qualifying for the third round.  T&T was upset in an away match vs. Bermuda on Friday and yesterday Haiti scored a disappointing 2-2 home draw vs. Curacao.  T&T travels to Guyana, and Haiti travels to Antigua& Barbuda on November 11th, a loss will eliminate each team, T&T and Haiti need at least a tie/win combination in home/home matches.  If Guyana/Antigua can win one match or tie both games, Guyana would join Mexico, Costa Rica, and El Salvador.  Antigua & Barbuda would join United States, Jamaica, and Guatemala.

Suriname 1-3 Dominican Republic

El Salvador 4-0 Cayman Islands

Trinidad & Tobago 4-0 Barbados

Bermuda 1-1 Guyana

Panama 5-1 Nicaragua

Canada 0-0 Puerto Rico

St. Kitts and Nevis 0-0 St. Lucia

Guatemala 3-1 Belize

Grenada vs. St. Vincent & the Grenadines October 15th

Haiti 2-2 Curacao

Antigua & Barbuda 10-0 U.S. Virgin Islands

Euro 2012 qualifying round came to a end, nations that have qualified include co-host Poland/Ukraine along with group winners Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Netherlands, Greece, England, Denmark, Spain, and Sweden the best group runner up.

Four spots remain for Euro 2012; the eight remaining group runners up are split into two Pots, Pot 1 are seeded teams (Croatia-Portugal-Czech Republic-Turkey) Pot  2 include (Ireland-Bosnia & Herzegovina-Montenegro-Estonia).  On October 13, 4 home/home matchups will take decided through a draw between a Pot 1 team vs. a Pot 2 team, those games will be played November 11/12 and the 15th.