Video: Basketball Wives: LA Draya Michele Accused of Sleeping With Gilbert Arenas


Every week the Basketball Wives have a new accusation or scandal about Draya.  The show really should be called “The Draya Show featuring the Bitter Basketball Wives”.

First it was the the Child Endangerment charges (Official Police Report Showing Draya Michele Was Arrested For Child Endangerment)

Then it was naked pictures (Basketball Wives: LA, Draya Michele Naked Pics Hit the Net).

The latest is that Draya may have slept with Laura Govan’s on again, off again fiancee Gilbert Arenas. In a video from Reach Around Radio featuring Claudia Jordan, a young lady claims to have all the details.

Could it be true?

Maybe, but it also could just be someone who is salty at Draya making stuff up in an attempt to get some attention. Supposedly she admitted it on camera and this is the big secret they are going to pull out on the reunion show.  Also it is alledged she slept with DeShawn Stevenson on the same night in the arena.

They are all attention whores, the athletes and the almost wives, so really much to do about nothing.

If she did play BedGammon with Gilbert Arenas maybe Laura Govan should confront him while he is playing dress up than trying to beat up Draya over it.  Better yet, maybe she can stop lying about sleeping with Shaq.


  1. Draya is the only one on the show that doesn’t appear phoney.Being the best looking always brings the cats out.
    As for Arenas and Stevenson i say lucky them.I aint mad at them.

  2. maybe not phoney but that tricks a liar everytime her eyes get wide as hell her lil brain is churning out some b.s. how can you dispute an actual police legal document? lol @ R.L bout maybe Laura can admit to sleeping with Draya hilarious smh.Scarface said it best before he went ham on his wife at the restaurant with minolo”this what its all about huh, this is it?” guess so im a take myselfand my money to church and pray to keep my mind right like the roots ol song “never do what they do” 1!

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