Video: Charles Barkley Says Twitter is for Losers

I think getting hookers while driving drunk while being a married man is for losers too, but you don’t see me on Youtube ranting on it.

This is what Charles Barkley persona, so I don’t take him too seriously.

There are losers at McDonalds, losers in the NBA, losers in life and what not. Plenty of losers on twitter, but the generalization is a bit silly.

The reason that Barkley isn’t on Twitter isn’t a secret, he doesn’t know how to type or use a computer. They have to instruct him slowly on how to use his T-Mobile phone.


Don’t know if you were suppose to hear that.

3 thoughts on “Video: Charles Barkley Says Twitter is for Losers

  • Yeah THIS Dude has become a COMPLETE JOKE (MF-ing Real !!!) And I really LIKED Him as a player but Now He’s become a SUPREME-COON (Word)

  • I don’t think everyone on there is a loser, but I agree with just about everything else he said.

  • People just need to be careful what they tweet..especially if they’re in the public eye…..

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