Video: Darrelle Revis 100 Yard INT Return for Touchdown


I have debunked the Revis Island fallacy several times, but lets do it again.

As you can see from the video, Revis has safety help coming from Jim Leonard and the INT was more miscommunication between Matt Moore and Brandon Marshall than anything Revis did.

Revis very good corner, one of the best 5 in the game, he doesn’t need anybody adding extra to it.  Then again people still think Mark Sanchez is better than Stafford and Freeman, so I am not surprised.

Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson & Champ Bailey he isn’t in that league yet.


  1. Okay the Dolphins are in the red zone, with no threat of a running game…Marshall is their best WR…Fasono at TE is a joke, where should the safety rotate too? It’s clear he should cover Marshall over the top! That takes nothing away from Revis…Revis doesnt play one side of the field like Nmandi…he takes the best whether it’s in the slot or on the outside!

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