Video: Dolphins Brandon Marshall’s Borderline Personality Disorder PSA


Michi Nogami Marshall

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Brandon Marshall definitely has a mental problem, I just don’t think it is “Borderline Personality Disorder”.

I am not a Doctor, even though I have seen ever episode of “House”, but I do use common sense and to me this has always been a convenient excuse for Marshall’s bad and unusual behavior.  From his Wife stabbing him to most recently him declaring he was going to get ejected from a Monday Night Football game.

If he wants to do a PSA that is fine, maybe it will help someone who is truly in need.

But I will never buy there is something wrong with him besides the fact he makes poor decisions and is trying to pass the blame for them on a convenient disorder.

No different that Tiger going to “Sex Rehab” for being …………………………..


You might be fooling some Brandon, but you aren’t fooling me.


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