Video: Giants Victor Cruz Fumble that Wasn’t…Did the Refs Blow the Call?

The ruling was that Cruz gave himself up and therefore the play was dead.

I didn’t see anything to suggest that Cruz gave himself up.  The reason he fell was because he tripped on his on feet, not because he went to the ground voluntarily.

In my opinion it was a blown call.

On the next play Eli Manning throws a TD strike to Hakeem Nicks, the Cardinals fail on 4th down, game over.

This will be hotly debated and I will tell you why, if Cruz would have gotten up and ran in the End Zone I am 100% sure they would have called it a touchdown.

The Cardinals were screwed point blank, period.

3 thoughts on “Video: Giants Victor Cruz Fumble that Wasn’t…Did the Refs Blow the Call?

  • Giants 3-1. That’s all…

  • Pretty easy to see where he “gave himself up”. The rule does not state how you shoul fall, the rule does not state how you give yourself up. But anyone with a clear mind and clear eyesight, can see that after stumbled to the ground, tripped by his own shoe-laces or whatever, he regained control of the ball, until he voluntarly lets go of it. If that isn’t to voluntarly give up the run, then I don’t know. Had he dropped the ball during the fall or on contact with the ground, I can agree a fumble-call, but that is clearly not the case here. GOOD JOB REFS!!

    • Cruz admits he didn’t give himself up, said he thought he was touched should have been a fumble

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