Video: Giants Victor Cruz With TD Catch of the Year?

Even Calvin Johnson thinks this catch is impressive.

Double coverage, tipped ball and one handed. Plus the TD dance was pretty cool as well, if only it had Shakira or Jennifer Lopez as his dance partner it would have been perfect.

Cruz seems to have a knack to make the spectacular and/or controversial play.

Never a dull moment when covering the GMEN. Ironically it was a one handed catch that Cruz couldn’t make that led to the pick 6 that secured the Seahawks win.

One thought on “Video: Giants Victor Cruz With TD Catch of the Year?

  • The Bowe catch was Much MORE Difficult and Legit than this Flukey-Mess IMO

    I’ll give him credit for His Eye-to-Hand coordination but it was MORE Luck & Chance as far as The Football rather than All-Out SKILL… Again JMO

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