Video: Hue Jackson’s Emotional Response to The Raiders Victory over the Texans

I am not big on the cliche…

“Win one for yada yada yada”

I also don’t like to root for one team over another. I just want the games to be fair and the best team to win. But I was a big Al Davis admirer.

He did some much for the AFL/NFL that people have forgotten because the Raiders have been on the downside for the past decade and it isn’t coincidence that Davis’ poor health contributed to that.

When you are a self made man like Al Davis, it is hard to give up control.

Many people had strong feelings for Al Davis and one of Davis’ last major moves was entrusted the team with Hue Jackson even though many people thought Tom Cable should keep his job.

It was obvious that was on Jackson’s mind as the Raiders hung on to beat the Houston Texans.

Just Win Baby.