Video: Magic Johnson Clowns Lebron James

It is sort of the cool thing to do, make fun of Lebron.

Magic Johnson is the latest to take shots at the King. Lebron just has to get use to it because until he wins a title the jokes and shots will keep on coming.

Honestly while they are getting old, they are justified.

From the moment Lebron said he was taking his talents to South Beach it was going to be a spotlight on him for the rest of his career and in the age of new media he will never be able to escape it.

2 thoughts on “Video: Magic Johnson Clowns Lebron James

  • I guess Tragic Johnson forget about when he choked in 1984. It doesn’t matter if LBJ never wins a ring, as of now, he’s a better human being than Tragic. Johnson will ever be, at least LBJ didn’t catch something cheating on his wife. Scumbag.

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