Video: Michigan State BJ Cunningham Disses Sparty on Chest Bump Celebration


Because of the Hail Mary, this probably will get lost in the Matrix.

But since I find things like this hilarious I will make sure that it lives on forever.  Early in the game BJ Cunningham catches a TD pass and appears headed for a chest bump with beloved Mascot Sparty when he inexplicably disses him.

Sparty tried to play it off but you can tell he was hurt.

Poor Sparty.


  1. Unfortunately thanks to the so called “celebration” rules, it’s a 15 yard penalty if Cunningham celebrates with Sparty. Whoever’s in the Sparty costume should have been aware of the rules. In a MSU v Purdue game last year or the year before, one of Purdue’s receivers got 15 yards for giving Purdue Pete a hug.

    BTW – Great pictures of the goal line and Hail Mary pass.

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