Video: Michigan State BJ Cunningham Disses Sparty on Chest Bump Celebration


Because of the Hail Mary, this probably will get lost in the Matrix.

But since I find things like this hilarious I will make sure that it lives on forever.  Early in the game BJ Cunningham catches a TD pass and appears headed for a chest bump with beloved Mascot Sparty when he inexplicably disses him.

Sparty tried to play it off but you can tell he was hurt.

Poor Sparty.

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  1. Unfortunately thanks to the so called “celebration” rules, it’s a 15 yard penalty if Cunningham celebrates with Sparty. Whoever’s in the Sparty costume should have been aware of the rules. In a MSU v Purdue game last year or the year before, one of Purdue’s receivers got 15 yards for giving Purdue Pete a hug.

    BTW – Great pictures of the goal line and Hail Mary pass.

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