Video: Patriots Aaron Hernandez Mocks Red Sox, Eats Chicken During Interview

Did someone put Chad OchoCinco’s mind in the body of Aaron Hernandez.

Hernandez is a curious character, besides being a very good tight end.  This isn’t the first unique interview Hernandez has had.

Hernandez was chowing down on a nice breast of chicken before heading out for practice in full pads.

Don’t worry … the chicken was grilled, not fried.

“It’s good. General Tso’s chicken, grilled is pretty healthy,” Hernandez said. “You guys want some?”

He did not say whether he was aware of the firestorm about 23 miles north on Yawkey Way when a group of Red Sox pitchers supposedly ordered fried chicken and drank beer during games.

Shot at the Boston Red Sox who are getting killed in the media for their beer, chicken and video game playing during games?

Only Hernandez knows.

General Tso is delicious.