Video: The Scripture on Tim Tebow…OUTSTANDING!!!


Tim Tebow is still claiming to be a virgin, but take a look above of some of the women he has been linked to. Do you really believe that? If it is true, he is a stronger man than I.

Now that Backup Jesus has turned into the STARTER GOD, I expect (and hope) for ton of these type of videos to come out.  This particular one is courtesy of KS 107.5 FM in Denver.

I think people shouldn’t take things so seriously and have fun with this Tim Tebow situation.

He is a fun guy to watch play, you don’t know exactly what is going to happen, but you can’t help but be interested.  I know he won’t fail for lack of trying.

I wish him well, I always like to see players prove critics wrong even if that critic is myself.  Nothing has changed in my opinion in his abilities to play quarterback in the NFL, I don’t think he has the skills necessary to be a long term answer for any team.

But now at least he will be giving an opportunity.

I love the way they “Ether” Kyle Orton at the end of the video.


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