Video: Tim Tebow, Nicki Minaj Spoof “Super Fans”

I warned you that once the Starter God entered the lineup you could expect a lot of tribute videos.  Thanks to SI Hot Clicks we have our first official one since Tebow pulled off the Miracle in Miami.

It is sort of creepy when grown men do these type of videos, but looking at these guys it doesn’t appear they have much else to do.

Don’t ask me why of all songs they chose Nicki Minaj “Super Bass”, but the one thing that saves the video if the young lady playing Nicki, she gets a thumbs up.

3 thoughts on “Video: Tim Tebow, Nicki Minaj Spoof “Super Fans”

  • That was beyond terrible.

  • This wasn’t really meant to be taken seriously. It was a contest in Denver with Tim Tebow, himself. He rated this to be the best video and if you think it’s beyond terrible, you clearly are taking it way too seriously.

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