Video: Trent Richardson Takes Ole Miss’ Senquez Golson Cornbread With a Juke Move



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Golson I am sure is a nice guy, but if he has a girlfriend she is currently at the Alabama’s hotel searching for Trent Richardson. To be honest I believe Richardson could have his choice of the Hottest SEC girls in the conference (see photos above).

Richardson didn’t just take Golson cornbread, he took his soul.

Barry Sanders is giving Richardson the “Slow Clap” for this run. To appreciate the move you really have to watch the video multiple times I have watched it 78 times myself.

Even the creators of Madden couldn’t put in a better juke than this.


  1. Wait a F-ing MINUTE… Did #21 get Str8 SHOOK TWICE ?!!? ONCE at the Very Beginning of the Run and then AGAIN about 60+ Yards later on down the Field ***LMAO***

    • Hold on thats my boy senques golson hes only a freshmen and got offered a million dollars to play in the mlb

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