Video: Wedding Gets Interrupted by WWE Style Promo

When a pair of improv comedians decide to tie the knot, it is no surprise when they decide to pull a prank on their unsuspecting guests. That is exactly what members of the group Improv Everywhere did when they got married last weekend.

The groom explains the set up.

Last weekend I married my longtime girlfriend and fellow Improv Everywhere member, Cody Lindquist. Our wedding ceremony featured a surprise stunt where we were interrupted by a professional wrestler. Besides the bride and groom, only the officiant and groomsmen were in on the prank.

This totally sounds like something Justin Deming, the guy we interviewed with the WWF Title Belt Tattoo, wishes he had thought of first.

So connection to sports is tenuous at best, but it is still pretty damn funny.

You can see the whole story of the set up here

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