Vikings Chris Cook Out of Jail..Police Report Say He Almost Choked GF to Death

The only time you should put your hands on a woman (or anyone to be honest) is if you life is in danger. There is zero reason to choke a woman because you are salty over the fact she was talking to her Ex-boyfriend.

You can be upset, annoyed and pissed off about something like that, but it shouldn’t escalate to becoming the Boston Strangler.

It is innocent to proven guilty around these parts, but according to the police report which you can read here, it doesn’t look good for Chris Cook.

According to Victim A, the defendant was upset that Victim A spoke to an ex-boyfriend. The defendant grabbed Victim A and swung her on a bed. The defendant climbed on top of Victim A and grabbed Victim’s A’s neck with an open hand. The defendant applied pressure to Victim A’s neck and constricted her ability to breathe. Victim A freed herself by grabbing the defendant’s hair. When Victim A stood up, the defendant struck her in the ear causing Victim A to hit a wall.

As you can imagine Cook is denying it happened that way and went to Twitter to plead his case.

If this is true and he did choke her he needs to be thrown under the jail, if she is lying she should be charged with giving false information. The truth maybe in the middle, but if you are a man just keep your hands to yourself and you won’t have to worry about telling your side of the story.

One thought on “Vikings Chris Cook Out of Jail..Police Report Say He Almost Choked GF to Death

  • I COULD Think of a Multitude of People that SHOULD BE put Under The Jail and Dude isn’t ONE of Them IMO

    I don’t know what really Happened but from MY Own Personal experience and Others Experience that I KNOW ABOUT… Most FEMALES LIE about WHAT Really Happened, HOW it Started, HOW it Escalated and WHY the incident even Happened (Real)

    NOW If He just happens to be The TYPICAL Abuser Type Dude then Lock His AZZ UP and make sure he Gets Some Professional Treatment for THIS Problem !!!

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