Why No Boxer Wants to Fight Sergio Martinez

Risk vs. Reward.

That is something humans analyze day after day.  Have you ever been in the turning lane and you are trying to judge how quickly the car is coming towards you so you can decide if you can make the turn or not?

Sergio Martinez is that fighter that is flying 60 MPHs and no one wants to take the chance of being hit.

As I discussed in my post why you shouldn’t expect to say Pacquiao vs. Mayweather in 2012, I mentioned how much more they can make by not fighting each other.

I truly believe both of them would rather fight each other than Sergio Martinez.  The consensus #3 pound for pound boxer in the world is begging Mayweather and Pacquiao for a fight.

He is the middleweight champion of the world but is willing to go down to 150 for a megafight.  Both Mayweather and Pacquiao have fought above the Welterweight limit and beat bigger men in the past.  Martinez is so feared even Miguel Cotto said thanks but no thanks to a fight between them.

Martinez who is a late bloomer in the world of boxing is 36 years old and knows he doesn’t have a lot of time to score a major fight.  He can’t keep fighting the Darren Bakers of the world.

But it doesn’t appear he has a choice, maybe his somewhat lackluster performance against Baker may open up some doors, but I doubt because no one is going to forgot this.

One thought on “Why No Boxer Wants to Fight Sergio Martinez

  • Boxing needs a legit league similar to the UFC. That way, no one can run and hide. In the UFC, Dan Henderson is begging for a rematch against Anderson Silva. And Silva is the type of guy that can decapitate a fighter. In boxing, world class boxers cherry pick opponents that want to kiss and hug.

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