You Can Now Have Mike Tyson Leave Voice Mails To Your Friends

I have said for years how amazed I am that Mike Tyson is still alive.

I always thought he would be dead, in jail or broke considering the life path he had chosen.  Whenever they do his biopic in 20 years it will be amazing.

He has become a pitchman for several products to keep the money rolling in here is the latest.

His newest gig is for StarGreetz, a company that uses athletes and celebrities to record messages that people can send to friends, co-workers, relatives and others via e-mail, video messaging, phone apps or on Facebook or Twitter.

According to the Los Angeles-based digital media company, “Boxing legend Mike Tyson is now ‘The Pigeon Whisperer’ who is featured in a series of hilarious new digital eCards.”

StarGreetz goes on to say that “boxing opponents worldwide should be relieved to see the former heavyweight champion is hanging with his feathered-friends.”

Playing off his life-long love of raising pigeons, Tyson offers, “Nobody calls me Mike anymore, or even Mr. Tyson – I am the Pigeon Whisperer.”

Tyson has parlayed his softer, more consumer-friendly bad-ass image into a series of roles that have earned him relatively positive reviews. His appearances include The Hangover and The Hangover II; on Comedy Central’s roast of Charlie Sheen; in a TV show in India, Bigg Boss ( a version of Big Brother); the Web-based show, Funny or Die; and an iPhone game, Mike Tyson: Main Event, which features a caricature of him fighting legends of the ring.

I wonder if Mike would said this message to all the people who don’t like me.

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  • Can you tell me why Stargreetz got sued, Eric Frankel got sued, Linda Abrams get sued, and Lucy hood got sued? I mean why this Stargreetz lawsuit?

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