20 Years Ago Magic Johnson Announced He Had HIV

I remember exactly what I was doing 20 years ago when this happened.

I was still in elementary school, but my house wasn’t far from the school so I use to walk home. Every once in awhile I would stay after school and play basketball or just horse around.

This was one of those days, I walk through my front door right at 5pm and my grandmother watched the 5pm news religiously and as I came in I remember hearing the words.

“Magic Johnson has HIV”

I did a double take. You have to understand 1991 was a lot different than 2011. If this happened today people would be surprised but not shocked, but in 1991 everyone was stunned.

Everyone also thought Magic would be dead within six months. That is all anyone knew about HIV/AIDS at the time, when you said you contracted the disease you died quickly.

20 years later Magic is healthier than most people and honestly there is no sign that he even has HIV. It is an amazing story and also curious to how he has survived for so long, it is something no one really knows what types of treatment he has undergone.

It definitely wasn’t all traditional.

The fact that it has been 20 years is just amazing in itself, since I remember it like it was yesterday.