Alabama Drops To #4 After OT Loss To LSU

Those looking for a Bama-LSU Rematch can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. After a 9-6 OT Loss to the #1 LSU Tigers, the Crimson Tide dropped only two spots to the 4th spot in the AP Poll. #2 is occupied by Oklahoma State and Stanford rose to the #3 slot.

Boise State remained behind Alabama at No. 5 and they are most likely rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs to win out to help their strength of schedule.

Personally, I would like to see another LSU-Alabama rematch on a neutral field for the title. However, should Stanford stay undefeated, then I would like to see Andrew Luck versus the LSU defense. Nobody likes the BCS and I’d like a playoff system myself but unfortunately the BCS is all we have.

At the end of the day, they’re few winners and many losers.

One thought on “Alabama Drops To #4 After OT Loss To LSU

  • Why should they get a rematch on a neutral field? Maybe if Alabama won then you can consider it since they won at home. But considering they lost and were the favorites in the game. They should be done unless no other teams go undefeated. An undefeated Stanford or Boise State should have the right to play LSU over a 1 loss Alabama. Or even Ok State if they can beat Oklahoma and remain undefeated.

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