Albert Haynesworth Says He is Still “Rusty”

We have rookie quarterbacks with no off season workouts and limited time in training camps because of lockout playing well.

We have players putting up record numbers across the board.

We are half way through the season and Albert Haynesworth is still claiming he is “rusty”?

Patriots defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth isn’t there just yet, but he has made some considerable strides in the team’s last two games.

He’s been playing with more power, and his conditioning appears to be progressing on a week-by-week basis, especially since the health of his back has improved.

I’m still knocking off rust,” Haynesworth said. “I still haven’t played really for two years. It’s a step-by-step process.”

Say what you want about Ochocinco, but he came into camp in shape and ready to play. Don’t expect anything to change with Haynesworth he will continue to be rusty for the rest of his career.