Allen Iverson Wants to Play for Boston Celtics

Allen Iverson probably would like to play for numerous teams, but the question begs do any of these teams have interest in him?  The answer for the most part is “no”, but you only need one to say “yes”.

The NBA Lockout isn’t benefiting him because if they season is canceled he only becomes a year older and if the season does start teams will prefer to go with players they already know.

But here is what AI had to say.

According to, Iverson’s agent, Gary Moore, has indicated that his client would love to play a backup role for the Celtics for a number of reasons.

“I have already spoken to Allen about that and many other opportunities, and of course he would be interested in anywhere in the NBA but Boston is particularly attractive to him because of Danny Ainge, the organization, and one of the most respected coaches he knows in the business in Doc Rivers,” Moore told the Boston Globe.

It is my personal opinion that you will never see Allen Iverson in a NBA uniform ever again, but you never know.

2 thoughts on “Allen Iverson Wants to Play for Boston Celtics

  • AI would be a solid backup PG for a lot of teams, but does anyone really believe him when he says he’d be willing to come off the bench? Maybe now he’s so desperate that he actually would.

    It’s all moot because nobody’s able to play NBA basketball right now, starter or backup.

  • Yes he’s definitely getting desperate….maybe he’s having financial issues

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