Audio: Mayweather to Radio Host Rude Jude: “Suck my D*ck & Find a New Job F*ggot”


Floyd can be a bit sensitive to criticisms.

Some of the criticisms are warranted, other times it just from uneducated people who think they know Boxing, but truly have no idea what they are talking about.

I would put radio host Rude Jude in the latter category, he makes some nonsensical comments that caused Floyd to lose his cool and it lead to this.

Jude was pushing buttons and Mayweather overreacted. He won’t get much sympathy from the general public for pulling the race card. But this is Floyd Mayweather he thrives off being the villain.


  1. Floyd shouldn’t even be talking to that clown. Hell Floyd would come out better talking with Larry Merchant then to this f$$king idiot. I guess anyone can get a radio show these days. Rude Jude, the name sounds like a faggot.

  2. haha bloack sports online. wow. this is terrible commentary and the editor clearly favors floyd. worst site ever. Im out of here.

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