Basketball Wives: LA Draya Michele’s Sex Tape is With Chris Brown


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A couple of weeks back Draya took a preemptive strike against her sex tape being released (Basketball Wives: LA Draya Michele’s Sex Tape?).

It appears now the owner of the sex tape is shopping it around and the gentlemen in the sex tape is Chris Brown.  A bit anti-climatic consider Breezy and Draya dating for a few months.

I will assume that Draya allowed a “friend” to see it and now the friend is trying to get paid. Allegedly they want $50k for the tape.

Here is a little idea of what is going on in the video.

The video, which we were only shown a SNIPPET of, was EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. The couple took turns holding the camera while they performed SEX ACTS on each other.

The proper move for Draya is to just leak it herself and take the power away from the person trying to profit off of her (feel free to send it to me first). It is called the “8 Mile Theory” (go watch the movie to understand).

Vivid Videos I am sure would offer big bucks for a sex tape with Chris Brown in it, much more than $50k.

Considering Draya has been arrested, naked pics released (Draya Michele Naked Pics Hit the Net), been accused with sleeping with 3 NBA players in an hour and is former stripper I don’t think a sex tape is going to hurt her reputation.  In the Matrix world that we live in, it will probably just make her more famous than she already is.

She is developing a bit of an ego issue similar to Astro on the XFactor but it is to be expected with the massive amount of attention she is getting.

Don’t worry when I get the Sex tape you will be the first to see after me.

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  • Could be a win-win for both Draya & Breezy…..

  • Why don’t you just change the name of this blog to black gossip, because this piece of shit post like many others on this website has nothing to do with sports.

  • Chris’ camp just released statement saying there’s no sex tape.

  • Dont nobody wanna see her get sexxd.

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